Deployment Tips

Top 4 Pitfalls to Avoid When Deploying Office 365

There’s no denying that Office 365 is a big deal. It’s a big part of the Microsoft Intelligent Cloud strategy. It’s big in terms of its user base. And it has a big impact on your network. Fully deployed, Office 365 will quickly become your greatest consumer of bandwidth and slayer of firewalls.

Office 365 is unlike any other SaaS app and, even with careful planning, it’s fair to say that deployment doesn’t always go without a hitch. To help you get on the road to success, we’ve pulled together an overview of the most common pitfalls companies make pre-deployment—and what you can do to avoid them. Download this paper to learn:

  • What Microsoft’s official connectivity guidance is for Office 365
  • Why ExpressRoute is not recommended by Microsoft
  • Important things you should know to avoid common deployment mistakes
  • Recommendations on how to streamline and simplify your Office 365 deployment

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