White paper

Three Ways to Accelerate a Successful M&A integration with Zscaler

Globally, mergers and acquisitions are a common activity across all industries, and have increased by 24% from 2020 to 2021. In a merger, leaders may decide to acquire and hold the target company, do some integration to enable key functions, or undergo complete integration where the two organizations, technology, and operations merge into one company. In the latter scenario, integration leaders are tasked with not only ensuring continual operation after day one, but also achieving ambitious synergy targets and building a combined organization with a shared culture and values.

In most integrations, secure connectivity and visibility between buyer and target companies at all levels of the tech stack (applications, data, and infrastructure) is critical. Sales and marketing departments will require continued access to important information such as customer contacts, pipeline, and win-loss reports. IT owners need connectivity deeper in the IT stack to monitor potential cyber threats and instability. These obstacles make it difficult for companies to retain operational continuity on Day 1, realize deal value (including “quick wins”) on Day 2, and bring employees together in a combined organization.

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