White Paper

ThreatLabZ Ransomware Review: The Advent of Double Extortion

Ransomware continues to grow in both volume and sophistication. ThreatLabZ, the industry’s premier cloud threat research team, tracked ransomware campaigns from 2019 through 2021 to understand evolving techniques, at-risk industries, and vulnerable exploits. “ThreatLabZ Ransomware Review: The Advent of Double Extortion” provides deep insight into:

  • New trends in ransomware including double extortion, DDoS, and third-party attacks that increase the success rates and ransom demands of ransomware operators.
  • Top ransomware families of the last year and detailed technical analyses of their attack sequences and industry targets. This report highlights Maze, REvil, Doppelpaymer, RagnarLocker, Avaddon, Conti, and DarkSide.
  • Best practices for protecting your organization against ransomware, from basic security hygiene to a comprehensive zero trust architecture.

Read this report and better prepare your organization to defend against evolving ransomware threats.

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