White Paper

The Definitive Guide to Networking for Office 365

Is it possible to implement an Office 365-ready network, at scale, without a proof-of-concept (PoC)?  While this may be a bold statement, the truth is deploying Office 365 doesn’t have to be difficult.  While many companies have had challenges with Office 365, others have realized that understanding a few key network concepts can make all the difference. 

The purpose of this guide is to help define the key steps needed for you to get your network ready for a full scale Office 365 deployment. Download this guide and you will learn:

  • How latency effects Office 365, and the suggested guidance for latency within your network
  • Why Microsoft does not recommend ExpressRoute for Office 365
  • Why direct internet connections and not centralized gateways are the recommended connection method
  • How to properly plan and adjust to the bandwidth requirements of Office 365

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