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Which Office 365 migration experience do you want?

Office 365 can be one of the most demanding SaaS applications your network has ever seen. Whether you're just starting to implement Office 365, or your installation hasn’t been going as planned, there are a few key network concepts that can make all the difference in your deployment success.

This survivor’s guide is a great resource to help you understand what Microsoft recommends for connectivity, and how you can build an Office 365 network that delivers a great user experience.

Download the survivor's guide to building Office 365 network, to learn:

  • Latency guidance for Office 365 apps and how to avoid performance problems
  • How Office 365 application traffic will impact your internet gateway
  • How to properly plan and adjust bandwidth requirements for Office 365
  • Microsoft connectivity guidance and why ExpressRoute should be avoided
  • How to properly configure direct-to-internet connections for the best Office 365 user experience

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