How to Secure Containers and Public Cloud Workloads

Digital transformation is in full swing as organizations overhaul their operations to develop cloud native applications and services.

Organizations of every size are rapidly adopting and implementing more cloud-based apps and microservices (VMs, containers, etc.) In these dynamic cloud environments, security teams are struggling to protect their organizations against more vulnerabilities and exposures—and too many are relying on traditional security tools, multiple point products, bolt-on integrations, and limited resources.

When security slows down, everything slows down, and the choice between speed and security is one no organization should have to make. That’s why they need a cloud native application protection platform (CNAPP) that unifies workload and data protection, security posture and entitlement management, and more.

This white paper highlights the essentials of cloud workload and container security. Download your copy to learn:

  • The challenges and risks of massively scaled cloud workload and container environments
  • The need for a new approach to securing workloads and container environments
  • How a CNAPP can help address a range of security risks while reducing complexity

See for yourself why CNAPP is the key to driving your digital transformation without compromising your security.

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