Making Sense of the Quickly Evolving ZTNA Market
New insights from the Enterprise Strategy Group

Zero trust network access (ZTNA) technology has benefited from a “perfect storm” of market conditions. The use of ZTNA tools increased dramatically as IT teams revamped their secure access models to support rapid digitization and remote work during the pandemic. To date, this has been focused mostly on remote access and VPN replacement, which misses the broader shift to comprehensive zero trust architectures.

While ZTNA tools provide clear and distinct advantages over legacy VPNs, few comprehensively address the challenges security teams face in securing access to and protecting applications in modern distributed environments. Ultimately, tools supporting a broader zero trust approach require a more substantial set of features and capabilities compared to those focused solely on the remote access use case.

Read ESG’s perspective on “Making Sense of the Quickly Evolving ZTNA Market” today to understand where this transformative technology is headed. In the paper, you’ll learn:

  • Where traditional remote access models fall short
  • How ZTNA emerged as a VPN replacement
  • What marks the next evolution of ZTNA

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