Mergers & Acquisitions at the Speed of Business with Zero Trust

Reduce complexity and costs while securely accelerating value capture

In the world of M&A, speed is key to maximizing deal value—but logistical, technical, and geographical challenges leave many organizations struggling to move quickly enough.

Up to 90% of deals fall short of value goals at least partly because of cyber risk and drawn-out integrations.¹ These risks—data breaches that lead to fines and brand damage, technical vulnerabilities that create unforeseen costs, and more—can prolong value capture timelines while hampering productivity and collaboration.

Why? Because traditional M&A IT approaches aren’t efficient or secure enough to propel value at the speed of today’s business. In fact, amid nimble competition and sophisticated threats, they’re at high risk of contributing to outright loss.

This white paper examines how the Zscaler zero trust approach can help your organization propel business value in today’s M&A environments by enabling you to:

  • Transform the complex M&A IT playbook
  • Reduce IT integration challenges
  • Expedite value capture opportunities
  • Decouple IT standardization timelines

You’ll see how Zscaler empowers IT to become more than a service and begin driving real business value.

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