White paper

Private Equity and Cyber Resiliency: A Zero Trust Approach

A robust security framework for organizations of all sizes

More than 80% of companies will eventually face at least one data breach. Today, the average cost of such a breach is over US$4.3 million, and more than double that in the United States.¹

In response, progressive private equity firms and their limited partners are prioritizing cyber risk management and looking for effective ways to prevent successful attacks, from cyber resiliency programs to partnerships with expert advisors and technology providers.

The most effective approach is to prevent attacks in the first place by securing users, devices, and applications with zero trust. Based on the maxim "never trust, always verify," zero trust grants access on a need-to-know, least-privileged basis defined by granular policies.

This white paper lays out how the Zscaler zero trust approach aligns with the unique needs of private equity and portfolio companies to:

  • Help standardize security controls across individual portfolio companies
  • Consolidate point products while improving EBITDA and underlying IT costs
  • Enable cloud transformation and eliminates legacy network infrastructure
  • Facilitate rapid integration of acquisitions to help portfolio companies grow

Find out how the Zscaler zero trust architecture enables cyber resiliency and secure digital value creation like no other.

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