White Paper

The Definitive Guide to Branch Transformation

How to establish secure local breakouts, reduce MPLS costs, and simplify IT

Your applications are moving to the cloud, but your network may not be ready to support them. Realizing the full potential of cloud apps requires a fundamental shift in your approach to networking and security. Increasingly, organizations are turning to SD-WAN to route internet traffic direct-to-cloud—but those connections need to be secured.

With this guide, you can see what’s needed to embrace network transformation and architect a solution that secures direct connections, simply and cost effectively. Download the guide to learn:

  • Why cloud applications require direct internet connections, not legacy hub-and-spoke architectures
  • The five key requirements for securely routing branch traffic locally
  • How to avoid common mistakes and misconceptions
  • How to simplify branch IT operations, reduce costs, and provide users with fast and secure access

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