White paper

Deception technology: An integral part of the next generation SOC

Discover why deception is critical to modern security systems

From an ever-evolving threat landscape to higher-than-ever business stakes, security teams know that they need a next-gen SOC – and fast. But what does that look like in practice?

Read this white paper to find out. You’ll learn why deception technology is essential to defending against today’s toughest threats, and how a deception platform can protect the business with capabilities like:

  • Turning the tables on the attacker, making them work hard to escape detection
  • Assuming breach as part of an proactive defense approach
  • Dramatically reducing false positives
  • Enabling continuous response through built-in orchestration and integration capabilities
  • Defending more effectively against insider threats

Discover the fundamentals of an effective deception strategy. Download your copy now to get started.

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