State of Cloud Transformation Research EMEA 2020

The Internet has become the new corporate network, enabling Work from Anywhere

Zscaler’s 2nd State of Cloud Transformation Report in EMEA reveals a move towards internet as new corporate network, but outdated security solutions are hampering efforts for cloud-driven flexibility. The research evaluated how the on- and off-network application landscape is changing across EMEA with a change towards multicloud infrastructures and increasing mobility. It was evaluated, how the global pandemic influenced cloud transformation projects and how concerns around remote access of mobile staff influences the evaluation of new security solutions based on the SASE framework.

The key findings have been compiled in this EMEA research report along with recommendations to help organisations overcome common challenges and address concerns during their cloud transformation. Download this report to:

  • Understand the State of Digitisation projects in core European countries
  • Learn which applications have been moved to the cloud and how multicloud set-ups are dominating in various countries
  • Figure out the key challenges with regards to security for multicloud infrastructures and remote access for the work from anywhere age
  • Obtain recommendations of Zscaler to tackle these challenges and concerns

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