Solution Brief

Top 3 SASE Benefits and how you can achieve them

Today’s workflows and traffic patterns bear little resemblance to those that existed when hub-and-spoke networks were conceived, and secure perimeters were developed to protect them.

  • More user traffic is heading to cloud services than data centers
  • More work is performed off the network than on it
  • More workloads are running in clouds than data centers
  • More SaaS applications are in use than those hosted locally
  • More sensitive data is housed in cloud services than inside the enterprise network

Network and security architectures anchored at the data center have proven ineffective as organisations transition to the cloud in a bid to facilitate business agility and scalability while delivering a fast and seamless user experience and protecting their applications, data and devices from criminals.

In its 2019 report, The Future of Network Security is in the Cloud, Gartner discusses a policy-based secure access service edge solution known as SASE, that expands the security perimeter beyond the data center edge to everywhere the organisation operates.

So, what does SASE offer that makes it so different from the “traditional” enterprise network security? This data sheet identifies and shows you how you can achieve the top 3 SASE benefits:

  • SASE reduces IT cost and complexity
  • SASE provides a fast, seamless user experience
  • SASE reduces risk

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