Solution Brief

Zscaler Private Access for secure third-party access

It’s time to end third-party risk by taking partners off the network

Your employees aren’t the only ones gaining access to your network. Your strategic business partners, contractors, and other third parties often have access to your private, internal applications.

In the past, partners were given full and lateral network access in order to access apps, but with the increase in advanced threats and the high stakes, extending access to third parties has become a risk many organizations are understandably reluctant to take.

It’s time to adopt a software-defined approach to secure partner access, where private application access is decoupled from the network, so you can provision segmented access only to specific, authorized applications—and avoid exposing your network to risk.

This solution brief will provide insight into:

  • The increasing risks of third-party access
  • Why securing partner access today is a difficult yet necessary feat
  • How the software-defined perimeter (SDP) is the answer to minimizing third-party risk
  • Why enterprises are using ZPA to provide seamless, software-defined access to partners, contractors, and third-party users

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