Rethink Application Access

Access to applications no longer requires access to the network. 

“To cut through this complexity, technical professionals should explore SDP — a new technology whose strength lies in facilitating access to enterprise apps.” — Gartner*

For 30 years enterprises have relied on network-centric technologies to provide access to internal applications. These old-world technologies have made decoupling private app access from network access impossible. It’s now up to you to help your company embrace a new approach.

In this eBook, you will get the facts about:

  • Forces driving the need for application-centric access
  • Old world technologies vs. Software-defined perimeter (SDP) technologies
  • Top enterprise use cases and benefits of embracing SDP for private application access

* Gartner, Fact or Fiction: Are Software-Defined Perimeters Really the Next-Generation VPNs?, Joerg Fritsch, Mark Judd. 09 November 2018. 

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