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Why Extending Zero Trust to Workloads Should Be on Every CISO’s Agenda

ESG: There’s More to Zero Trust Than Protecting Users

Enterprise Security Group (ESG) reports that 46% of organizations have implemented or begun to implement zero trust across their organization. When organizations and CISOs think about implementing zero trust, the main focus has been on the workforce and ensuring that access is provided in a secure, risk-based, and continually monitored fashion.

However, this is only one piece of the broader zero trust puzzle. Digital transformation and cloud adoption have increased the number of application workloads spread across a variety of cloud providers and architectures. Protecting these workloads has become a necessity for any comprehensive zero trust strategy.

To help organizations implement a comprehensive zero trust strategy, Zscaler offers Workload Communications which provides zero trust security to workloads. Organizations using Workload Communications can securely enable application-to-application connections across clouds, the internet, and on-premises environments.

Read this industry report from ESG to further understand:

  • The acceleration of zero trust in the market
  • How to expand zero trust for your workloads and why it is important
  • The many benefits of a comprehensive workload protection solution
  • How Zscaler Workload Communications works

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