Report 2021

IoT in the Enterprise: Empty Office Edition
What happens when employees abandon their smart devices at work?

Enterprise IoT is expanding, and so are the threats against it -- even in office locations where most employees are working from home. During a two-week evaluation during the peak of COVID-19, the Zscaler cloud identified 533 unique device types on corporate networks, many of which were left behind while employees worked elsewhere. Zscaler blocked 833 IoT malware attacks per hour against these devices, representing a 700% increase in attacks year-over-year.

This report from the Zscaler ThreatLabz threat research team is an eye-opening deep dive into the current state of IoT devices and IoT malware trends. Download the report to learn:

  • Which categories of IoT devices are most common and communicating the most heavily
  • What countries IoT devices are communicating with
  • The most prolific IoT malware families and what they are used for
  • Which countries are being attacked, and where they’re being attacked from
  • Best practices for protecting your organization from IoT threats

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