Industry Report

ThreatLabZ Research:
2020 State of Encrypted Attacks

The Zscaler threat research team analyzed 6.6 billion threats hidden inside encrypted traffic for a closer look into evolving attack techniques.

Without proper inspection, encryption can be a vulnerability. ThreatLabZ, Zscaler’s global research team, analyzed billions of encrypted threats delivered over SSL/TLS channels in 2020. Read the detailed report to learn how encrypted threats have become more sophisticated this past year, including:

  • Explosive growth in volume: 260% increase in SSL-based threats in the last nine months
  • Increasing abuse of cloud-based file-sharing services: Over 30% of all SSL-based attacks spoofed collaboration services such as Google Drive, OneDrive, AWS, and Dropbox
  • Hidden ransomware on the rise: More than 500% increase in ransomware delivered over encrypted web traffic between March and September of 2020
  • Best practices for preventing encrypted threats with SSL inspection at scale: Security and data protection systems that can’t inspect 100% of traffic put enterprises at risk

Read the report to gain deep insights into how attackers are accelerating their encryption use to bypass traditional defenses and how you can better protect your enterprise.

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