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ThreatLabz: The State of Encrypted Attacks, 2021

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Is HTTPS traffic safe?

Short answer: no. This year, threats inside encrypted traffic increased 314%. It’s now critical to inspect all traffic, on-premises and off, but many organizations still struggle to stop encrypted threats.

Learn how the encrypted threat landscape has evolved and what you can do about it in our recent ThreatLabz report, The State of Encrypted Attacks, 2021. You’ll discover what we learned from analyzing encrypted traffic across the Zscaler cloud from Jan-Sept 2021, blocking 20.7 billion threats over HTTPS along the way.

Topics covered include:

  • Which industries and locations came under fire, including a 23x increase on tech companies
  • The most common attack vectors -- malware is up 212%
  • How to stop encrypted attacks with a zero trust strategy