Industry Report

Why SD-WAN Requires a New Approach to Security

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Organizations looking to increase business agility, improve reliability, and user experience, all while reducing costs and complexity, are looking to the cloud and embracing SD-WAN. Despite all of SD-WAN’s potential benefits, security remains one of its shortcomings. And, securing branch locations has become more difficult as more applications and data move to the cloud.

Network World, on behalf of Zscaler, conducted a survey of leading North American organizations to understand whether they think SD-WAN can live up to expectations and deliver the benefits promised by cloud migration. It sought to learn why organizations are embracing SD-WAN and what their experiences have been when it comes to security. Download this survey to learn:

  • The most common concerns organizations have about deploying SD-WAN
  • The top challenges of securing SD-WAN and local internet breakouts
  • Why 88 percent of respondents are concerned that traditional security will limit SD-WAN’s advantages
  • How organizations are looking to securely leverage SD-WAN to achieve their business objectives

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