Industry Report

SANS Product Evaluation: How to Use Zero Trust to Secure Workloads in the Public Cloud

As organizations move their workloads to public cloud environments, they’re tasked with protecting them from cyberattacks. The cloud security spotlight is shone mostly on posture/configuration management and DevOps, and as such, securing traffic moving in and out of clouds has become a much more pertinent discussion.

In this product evaluation, SANS Analyst Dave Shackleford evaluates a zero trust architecture as a paradigm for securing workload communications. Read the report to learn:

  • How Zscaler Workload Communications™ can replace legacy point products such as firewalls, VPNs, and proxy appliances for securing connectivity between cloud workloads
  • The steps required to activate SSL deep packet inspection for traffic egressing from CSPs
  • The benefits of enabling DLP and how to do so without deploying additional products
  • How you can configure Zscaler to establish and secure connectivity for workloads moving between multiple clouds
  • Use cases that customers can deploy to enable zero trust for workloads in AWS, Azure, and GCP, and secure quick wins.

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