2021 Report

The world’s first report to reveal how exposed corporate networks really are.

This report provides, “…a first-ever look at the possible impact on attack surface due to remote work during the global pandemic.
– “Exposed” Report, 2021

Securing your users, devices, and applications has become difficult with the rise in remote work—especially with most business now being done over the internet. On one hand, cloud and mobility have allowed you to scale, but they’ve also created a significant attack surface as cybercriminals target users and remote access VPNs. To reduce this risk, IT leaders must minimize network exposure to the internet.

The 2021 “Exposed” report analyzes the attack surface of 1,500 organizations and identifies trends affecting businesses of all sizes and industries, across all geographies. Read the report to learn:

  • The attack surface impact based on company size
  • The countries with the greatest attack surface
  • The industries that are most exposed

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