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How Zscaler Delivers on the Promise of the Zero Trust Architecture

A Frost & Sullivan Executive Brief

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What does it mean when connectivity and security converge?

“Zero trust” is everywhere these days, and plenty of vendors offer solutions that try to retrofit a few attributes of zero trust to a flat network infrastructure. But when most work happens off the network, over the open internet, how do you secure the network perimeter? Frost & Sullivan has a simple answer: you don’t.

This brief takes an impartial look at the ways hardware-based security environments and “zero trust” firewalls solutions fall short, from leaving sensitive data uninspected to adding administrative complexity and costs. Then, it outlines how a true cloud-delivered zero trust architecture from Zscaler offers faster connectivity, better user experience, reduced costs, superior security, and more.

Read the brief to find out more about:

  • Distinctions between network- and cloud-based zero trust approaches
  • Shortcomings of traditional infrastructure that leave you vulnerable
  • Tangible enterprise transformation benefits of the Zero Trust Exchange
  • Key Zscaler differentiators, including global distribution and limitless traffic inspection without performance impact