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2022 VPN Risk Report

Industry report by Cybersecurity Insiders

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Traditional VPNs, once a favorite of organizations seeking secure remote access, are now the target of cybercriminal attacks. Too trusting for the modern era, they leave businesses vulnerable to ransomware, phishing, social engineering, denial of service attacks, and more.

This 2022 VPN Risk Report by Cybersecurity Insiders surveyed 351 cybersecurity professionals to provide fresh insight into the state of remote access and VPNs within the enterprise, the rise in VPN vulnerabilities, and the role that zero trust plays in enabling the next generation of secure access. Find out why more than 80% of surveyed companies are planning on implementing a zero trust model.

Read the report to discover:

  • How businesses prioritize secure access to business applications
  • Which devices users choose to connect remotely
  • VPN vulnerabilities businesses worry about most
  • How remote work has accelerated the adoption of zero trust