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2022 ThreatLabz State of Data Loss Report

Trends and risks of enterprise data sharing and how to manage them

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You need to make it easy for the right people to access your data—but when 36% of data from cloud apps is shared through publicly accessible links, it’s easy for the wrong ones to access it, too. We also found that, on average, organizations deal with 10,000 data policy violations every single day.

In our 2022 ThreatLabz Data Loss Report, we examine the challenges of modern data security, including common vulnerabilities, emerging patterns, and the state of the modern threat landscape. Read it to find out:

  • The apps, activities, and attacks leading to the most data loss, and the industries facing the greatest pressure
  • Our predictions for how threats will evolve, such as the continued rise of data extortion and supply chain attacks
  • 10 best practices to maximize your data security and hygiene when building and optimizing your data protection program
  • How the Zscaler Zero Trust Exchange™ secures sensitive data with complete inline data control, ML-powered classification, and more

Download your copy now to discover everything our ThreatLabz team has drawn from a deep analysis of 1 trillion data policy violations. We’ll give you a clear picture of which data is going where, who’s going after it, and how you can reduce your risk without slowing your workforce down.