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ESG First Look: Securing Workload Communications with Zscaler

ESG First Look: Securing Workload Communications with Zscaler

From deployment to first impressions: ESG Sr. Analyst Jack Poller explores the latest innovations to the Zero Trust Exchange.

Recently, Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) conducted an in-depth evaluation of Zscaler Workload Communications, which focused on highlighting the expansion of the Zscaler Zero Trust Exchange to bring zero-touch security to workload communications. 

ESG's report details the ease and speed of deployment and management of Zscaler Workload Communications, uncovering valuable insights into:

  • Reducing the attack surface
  • Simplifying network architecture
  • Reducing time-to-deployment 
  • Providing end-to-end visibility and control
  • Delivering unprecedented scalability

Download the full report to see how Zscaler Workload Communications performed in ESG’s technical evaluation.

About Zscaler Workload Communications

Zscaler Workload Communications extends zero trust to cloud workloads and reduces your attack surface by securing and simplifying workload-to-internet communications and workload-to-workload communications across public and private clouds.

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