Industry Report

Accelerating the Journey Toward Zero Trust
End-to-end Security from Cloud to Endpoint with CrowdStrike and Zscaler

According to a recent ESG survey, 59% of organizations say cybersecurity management and operations are more difficult than they were just two years ago. Some insights for these challenges include:

  • Increase in remote/hybrid work and external users
  • Ever-evolving threat landscape including ransomware
  • Increased cloud adoption
  • Responding quickly and effectively to possible threats

Zero Trust has seen increasing interest and awareness over the last few years, due in large part to its ability to address the above challenges. But because Zero Trust has become ubiquitous across the industry, organizations are still confused about what it is, what tools best support it, and where to begin with a Zero Trust initiative.

Download this report, “Accelerating the Journey Toward Zero Trust “ to learn:

  • The challenges to achieving successful Zero Trust implementation
  • How CrowdStrike and Zscaler have collaborated to deliver endpoint-to- application Zero Trust protection
  • How a Zero Trust can remove complexity, improve security, and reduce time to detection and remediation

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