Seven Questions Every CXO Must Ask About Zero Trust

Secure digital transformation is a journey, not a single project or product. It is also a change of mindset and culture. Inertia is a powerful thing, and people throughout an organization like to continue doing what they've always done. This is why executive leadership (CTOs, CIOs, CISOs, and Heads of Infrastructure) needs to drive this transformation from the top down.

While a deep understanding of zero trust architecture is necessary for enterprise and security architects, it has become clear that CXOs also have many questions about the seemingly vague nature of zero trust and how it enables secure digital transformation.

This ebook is organized into seven broad questions and sub-questions that every CXO must ask about zero trust, including what it is, what others have done, how to deploy and operate, and how to select a solution.

Additionally, this comprehensive ebook covers:

  • How zero trust enables secure digital transformation
  • The benefits of zero trust
  • Potential obstacles to achieving zero trust
  • CXO best practices

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