Simplify network transformation with Zscaler Cloud Firewall

More powerful than NGFW without the cost and complexity

Many organizations are turning to local internet breakouts and SD-WAN to give users fast and secure access to cloud applications. But, how can a cloud-first organization deliver next-generation firewall capabilities across a widely distributed infrastructure? Traditional firewalls are not designed to support cloud applications, and virtual firewalls leave you with many of the same limitations and challenges as traditional appliances. If your applications are moving to the cloud, doesn’t it make sense to move your firewalls to the cloud, too?

In this eBook you will learn:

  • Why network security is becoming irrelevant
  • Why traditional firewalls and virtualized firewalls aren’t practical for local internet breakouts
  • How Zscaler Cloud Firewall enables faster performance, simplified management, and identical protections across your organization

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