Buyers Guide: How to Pick a CNAPP Solution That’s Right for Your Organization

Organizations are rapidly turning to cloud native application protection platforms (CNAPP) to consolidate their security stacks while increasing both visibility over workloads and control over security and compliance risks in cloud environments. CNAPP helps organizations integrate security principles and standards across their development life cycles by implementing security controls at each stage—development, integration, deployment, and production operations. The goal is to identify security issues as early as possible, which helps save costs, avoids expensive rework, and ensures that cloud workloads are born secure.

Selecting a CNAPP can be challenging as the cloud security market provides hundreds of standalone tools. Each solution comes with its own set of features and technologies, and the differences often aren’t easily discernible. With that in mind, this buyer’s guide is intended to help security leaders and practitioners comprehensively evaluate a CNAPP solution.

Read this ebook to learn about:

  • The growing challenge of securing cloud migration
  • What makes up a CNAPP offering and key architectural considerations
  • The seven requirements you should look for in a CNAPP solution

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