Five Gaps of Network Sandbox Solutions

Adversaries are taking full advantage of the expanding and lucrative attack surface by launching sophisticated and targeted attacks aimed at legacy technology.

The traditional security perimeter no longer exists. Users are working from everywhere, directly accessing cloud applications, downloading and sharing files, bypassing legacy corporate network controls, and adversaries are taking advantage of known traditional appliance-based and out-of-band sandboxes on legacy pass-through architecture. This means it takes just one file to get through, infect a machine, spread laterally, and steal your data. By the time traditional sandboxes are done analyzing the file, the damage is already done.

However, with the right sandbox solution, you can effectively prevent patient-zero infections. To understand this better, it is crucial to know how appliance-based or out-of-band sandboxes fall short.

Some critical learnings within this eBook are:

  • The best way to protect against hidden, unknown threats
  • The most effective sandbox deployment model
  • Proactive security measures that make all the difference
  • The best way to harness community-driven protections

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