The Top Zero Trust Use Cases

Businesses have evolved rapidly in recent years. With cloud applications and hybrid work, the way that work gets done has shifted dramatically. This evolution brings with it significant challenges for historical, castle-and-moat security architectures. Where organizations try to force-fit yesterday's approach, security problems abound and precious resources are wasted. These outcomes are particularly detrimental for small to medium-sized organizations' IT teams, which are tasked to do more with less while ensuring that the organization stays secure.

Fortunately, zero trust security architectures are the answer to this challenge. With Zscaler, customers receive unparalleled security with superior economic value. Organizations leveraging the Zero Trust Exchange are able to address key use cases around:

  • Stopping threats from infiltrating the enterprise
  • Keeping data from being leaked or exfiltrated
  • Securely enabling productive hybrid work
  • And more
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