7 Symptoms Your Legacy Firewall Isn’t Fit for Zero Trust

Decades ago, hub-and-spoke network designs and perimeter firewalls were spry and healthy, and they served a purpose. In the modern cloud computing era, they’re showing signs of aging—not as quick as they used to be, using outdated firewall rules, and unable to offer inline, real-time protection against malware or protect SaaS apps from lateral movement.

In a world where 85% of IT professionals say firewalls are best delivered from the cloud, they’re proving that next-generation firewalls are last generation, and that data center-centric architectures are fundamentally incompatible with the zero trust paradigm.

In this ebook, we’ve outlined symptoms that show how your firewall might not be fit for today’s zero trust security world, including:

  • Congestion and lack of real-time visibility when inspecting traffic at scale
  • High risk of internet-borne infections spreading across your hybrid cloud
  • “Policy inflammation” from too many rules slowing you down
  • Inability to see or stop lateral movement or ransomware

If your firewall is showing any of these symptoms, you might need a cloud firewall cure. Read 7 Symptoms That Tell You Your Legacy Firewall Isn’t Fit for Zero Trust to find out more.

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