7 Symptoms Your Legacy Firewall Isn’t Fit for Zero Trust

85% of IT professionals say firewalls are best delivered from the cloud

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Hub-and-spoke networks and perimeter firewalls worked when there was a perimeter to protect, but to secure and enable a modern hybrid workforce, you need zero trust—and for that, data center-centric architectures just don’t work.

Today, aging firewall models (even the “next-generation” firewall, introduced in 2008) are slow, and they can’t offer inline, real-time protection against malware or protect SaaS apps from lateral movement, a necessity as 95% of new workloads are deployed in the cloud.

Read this ebook to understand the symptoms that show your firewall might not be fit for zero trust, including:

  • Poor visibility and performance when inspecting encrypted traffic at scale
  • Inability to stop ransomware attacks or prevent lateral movement of threats
  • High risk of internet-borne infections spreading across your hybrid cloud
  • Traffic congestion and complex routing when securing a remote workforce

Learn about other common symptoms and how to cure them with a cloud native approach.