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The industry’s most powerful browser isolation service, backed by the world’s leading cloud security platform.

The next frontier in web security: Cloud Browser Isolation. Test drive the new, extended functionality in 6.1 and strip attackers’ toolkits from them. Make web-based threats obsolete by future-proofing your web defenses against new and evolving attack techniques.

  • Elevate your web security: Isolate users from web- and email-based phishing, drive-by’s, malvertising, and more with innovative in-line prevention, detection, and full SSL/TLS inspection for all traffic
  • A harmonious user experience: A true no-impact, cloud-based service with pixel-perfect replication of any webpage, on any browser, for all or your most risky users and URL categories
  • Built for today, ready for the future: An integral part of SASE and Zero Trust, deeply integrated with The Zscaler Zero Trust Exchange to supercharge operational efficiencies and accelerate digital transformation

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