Private application access in a Post-Trust world

Forrester's Zero Trust Model requires a simple but profound change in the way we think about information security. In Zero Trust, all network traffic is inherently untrusted. Join Jeff Pollard, Forrester's Principal Analyst serviing Security and Risk professionals, and Lisa Lorenzin, Director of Emerging Technology Solutions at Zscaler, for an informative webcast about modern application access in a post-trust world.

Jeff will explain the Forrester Zero Trust Model, and how IT teams must evolve their approach to security based on new network models and data flows. He will also share details from Forrester's Security and Risk playbook and the necessary shift in investments to support application access transformation.

Jeff Pollard
Principal Analyst serving
Security & Risk Professionals 
Forrester Research, Inc.
Lisa Lorenzin
Emerging Technology Solutions
Zscaler, Inc.

Lisa will then review recent innovations in the Zscaler cloud security platform which support the Zero Trust Model and quickly show a demonstration of Zscaler Private Access in context of four real world use cases.

Find out how to connect the right users to the right applications with private application access in a post-trust world.

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