Optimize your Office 365 Experience

How Zscaler can accelerate deployment and deliver a fast user experience

Microsoft Office 365 was designed to be accessed directly via the Internet; Microsoft reiterated this position in its presentation, “Overcoming Network Performance Blockers for Office 365 Deployments,” at the 2016 Ignite conference.

It’s no surprise, then, that deploying Office 365 in a traditional hub-and-spoke network environment can quickly lead to frustrated users, unplanned network upgrades, and delayed deployments.

Dhawal Sharma
Director Product Management
Zscaler Inc.
Lee Dolsen
Technical Director, APJ
Zscaler Inc.

In this session, Dhawal and Lee will share first-hand experiences gained from more than 700 Office 365 deployments, and they’ll discuss how Zscaler can help accelerate deployments, simplify management, and deliver a fast user experience.

If your users are complaining about Office 365 performance, or you’re rolling it out now or in the near future, you will benefit from this webcast as you learn about:

  • Microsoft’s recommendation for the optimal Office 365 deployment methods for performance and cost
  • The ways that Zscaler can help remove adoption hurdles
  • Zscaler architecture and platform optimizations to deliver a better Office 365 experience