How Zscaler enables simpler Office 365 deployment and a fast user experience

Ready to deploy Office 365? If you think it’s going to be easy enough, you may want to think again. Microsoft Office 365 was designed to be accessed directly via the internet, and most companies simply don’t have the appropriate network setup. It’s no surprise, then, that deploying Office 365 without proper guidance can delay deployments and cause a terrible user experience.

Naresh Kumar
Principal Product Manager
Zscaler, Inc.
Gerry Festa
VP of Product Marketing
Zscaler, Inc.

Attend this webcast to explore Microsoft’s latest connectivity guidance for deploying Office 365.

You’ll hear:

  • Microsoft’s official connectivity recommendations for Office 365
  • How to remove common deployment challenges
  • The network changes Office 365 needs for optimal performance
  • How Zscaler enables a fast Office 365 user experience