Moving from Appliances to Cloud Security with Phoenix Children's Hospital

Applying consistent and robust security controls across your remote workforce hasn’t gotten any easier. The complexity brought about by mobile devices, cloud apps, untrusted networks, and more are compounded by the inspection demands of SSL traffic and the performance limitations of security appliances. That’s why it pays to hear firsthand how to overcome these challenges from someone who has done it.

Daniel Shuler
CISO, Director IT Security
Phoenix Children’s Hospital

Steve Grossenbacher
Sr. Product Marketing Manager

Join this webcast to hear how Phoenix Children's Hospital deployed Zscaler to transform its security for a mobile and cloud-first world.

Our speakers will share:
  • Real-world insights into the deployment journey with Zscaler
  • How to deliver always-on security to a mobile workforce
  • What it takes to phase out your security appliances and reduce IT complexity
  • In-depth perspectives on transforming your network and making it cloud ready

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