Is the Next-Gen Firewall/IPS Dead?

Cloud transformation is forcing teams to rethink branch security

With the cloud and mobility changing the concept of perimeter security, the next-generation firewall and access controls must also change. The NGFW—now more than a decade old—is dying, but how do you replace it?

Join us in a discussion with Naresh Kumar, Principal Product Manager, Zscaler to explore the challenges of NGFW in a cloud world. He'll address how cloud transformation is forcing networking teams to rethink their approach to firewalls, as well as IPS, and how to securely move your branch workloads to the cloud to enable the agility and seamless user experience intended by cloud apps.

Whether your organization has already begun the migration or is still determining its cloud strategy, you will benefit from this session.

You will come away with an understanding of:

  • What is driving the change in firewall architecture and deployment
  • Why virtualizing NGFW or moving legacy technologies to the cloud won’t work
  • How IPS has to evolve to accommodate cloud apps
  • Strategies for delivering the next, next-gen firewall and application access controls to branch offices



Naresh Kumar

Principal Product Manager