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How to Optimize your Office 365 deployment

Rapid deployment and fast user experience with Zscaler

A proper Microsoft Office 365 deployment needs direct access to the Internet. This requirement was underscored by Microsoft at the 2016 Ignite conference. Attempting to run Office 365 in a traditional hub-and-spoke network environment will quickly lead to delayed deployments, unplanned outages and users frustrated with subpar performance. Check out this webcast to hear how Zscaler can help you accelerate deployment, deliver a vastly improved user experience and simplify day to day management of Office 365.

Dr. Manoj Apte
Chief Strategy Officer
Zscaler Inc.
Gerry Festa
VP of Product Marketing
Zscaler Inc.

Join this engaging webinar with Zscaler Chief Strategy Officer Dr. Manoj Apte and Senior Director of Product Marketing Gerry Festa as they discuss:

  • How to best plan and architect an optimized Office 365 network
  • What you need to deliver a fast Office 365 user experience
  • Recommendations and experiences based on over 700 Zscaler Office 365 deployments

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