Combating ransomware and advanced threats

A technical deep dive into Zscaler Cloud Sandbox and Next Generation Cloud Firewall

Join Andy Kennedy, Zscaler Sales Engineering Manager, for a live demonstration of the Zscaler Cloud Sandbox and Next Generation Cloud Firewall capabilities. Andy will demonstrate how the Zscaler Cloud Security Platform examines every byte of traffic that flows between your users and the Internet, combating advanced threats and ransomware, and applying a consistent security policy wherever your users may be.

Andy Kennedy
Sales Engineering Manager
Zscaler, Inc.
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This demonstration has been developed specifically for IT security professionals and will be delivered in two parts:

How Zscaler protects against advanced threats and ransomware:

  • Overview and insights on the latest threats and the evolving threat landscape
  • Exploration of the life cycle of an attack and, how the Zscaler platform protects your organisation
Live demo of the Zscaler UI:
  • Overview of the Zscaler Cloud Security Platform
  • Live demonstration of Zscaler Cloud Sandbox; how suspicious or unknown files can be ‘detonated’ in real time, without backhauling traffic to the data centre
  • Live demonstration of Zscaler Next Generation Cloud Firewall, showing real-time inspection of Internet requests and replies, including SSL inspection.

We will conclude this demo with a live Q/A session.

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