How secure are you?
Insights from 30 billion Internet transactions a day

Zscaler's security research team regularly ploughs through a treasure trove of transaction data applying machine learning and other advanced techniques to gain insight into traffic patterns, application behavior and the threat landscape.  No other security company on the planet has access to such a vast source of aggregated data in real-time.  

Join us in this fire side chat with Dr. Amit Sinha, Head of Engineering, Cloud Operations and Security Research, Zscaler, Inc., to explore a variety of topics involving risk patterns and emerging threats in the enterprise.  We'll look at the aggregated data through several lenses to explore topics like traffic patterns in various geographies, types of malware and threats that target  specific vertical industries and risks associated with specific applications. 

Dr. Amit Sinha
Executive VP of Engineering
and Cloud Operations
Zscaler, Inc.
Atri Chatterjee
Zscaler, Inc.

Whether your organization has already moved to the cloud or is still determining your cloud strategy, you will benefit from this session.  You will come away learning about the following:

  • Internet traffic and threat patterns in vertical industries like yours
  • Cloud applications most prevalent in enterprises like yours
  • Your best defense strategy against advanced malware and persistent threats
  • Steps you should take to improve bandwidth utilization and quality of service for your users

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