How I survived my Office 365 deployment

Hear what it takes to deploy Office 365

Deploying Microsoft Office 365 is unlike any other SaaS application you’ve rolled out before. Even with careful planning, things can easily go sideways. That’s why hearing firsthand what it takes to successfully deploy Office 365 in a global organization from someone who has done it is an invaluable opportunity. Join this webcast to hear all the real-life tips and tricks needed to avoid common Office 365 pitfalls within your IT organization.

Dan Shelton
Product Management
Zscaler, Inc.
Gerry Festa
VP of Product Marketing
Zscaler, Inc.

In this session, Zscaler Director of Product Management, Dan Shelton, will share lessons learned from supporting an Office 365 deployment for a large global organization with more than 10,000 users across 900 locations in 22 countries.

You will learn:

  • The due diligence required to validate that your current network and security architecture can support Office 365
  • What your IT teams can expect in terms of support and the cultural changes required within organizations to leverage Office 365 effectively without compromising security posture.
  • Challenges common to Office 365 deployments within large global organizations and how to best mitigate the risk of them happening.
  • What happens to the end-user experience and the best ways to communicate the benefits of the project to the business.
  • Approaches to best follow Microsoft's guidance on connecting end-users to the Office 365 service

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