Enabling bandwidth control for cloud apps in the branch- No backhauling, no boxes!

How do you prioritize applications for your branch users? What apps and services do you have accessing the Internet? How do you ensure that your network is optimized for business productivity and that your branches aren’t stuck in a traffic bottleneck? With more traffic bound for the Internet, it is essential that organizations establish local Internet breakouts, and prioritize business apps, like Office 365, over YouTube and other recreational traffic.

Chandan Agarwal
Product Manager
Zscaler Inc.
Jennifer Toscano
Sr. Product Marketing Manager
Zscaler Inc.

Please join Chandan Agarwal, Product Manager, Zscaler, Inc., and Jennifer Toscano, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Zscaler, Inc., as they discuss how Zscaler Bandwidth Control enables you to manage, control, and allocate bandwidth to ensure that your branch office productivity is not inhibited by traffic bottlenecks and non-critical applications. Here is what you will come away with:

  • Reduce costs and simplify IT by eliminating the need to purchase, deploy, and manage new hardware and software
  • Create a seamless user experience that prevents bottlenecks, WAN latency, and packet dropping
  • How to prioritize business applications to limit the impact of streaming media, file sharing, and social media on your business

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