Don’t let SSL be your security blindspot

According to Google, almost 80 percent of websites loaded in Chrome are over HTTPS, and Zscaler ThreatLabZ research shows that more than 50 percent of malware now hides in SSL/TLS-encrypted traffic. The problem is that many organizations don’t have the budget to fully inspect encrypted traffic, so SSL becomes a blindspot and IT is faced with a major compromise. Meanwhile, hackers are getting more and more creative in how they deliver malware in SSL/TLS, which creates new inspection challenges.

Deepen Desai
Vice President
Security Research & Operations
Zscaler, Inc.
Gerry Festa
VP of Product Marketing
Zscaler, Inc.

Attend this webcast to hear Deepen Desai, Vice President, Security Research & Operations at Zscaler discuss the latest attack trends, and best practices you can employ to bolster your security.

You'll learn:

  • Details on emerging SSL/TLS threats being tracked by ThreatLabZ, the research arm of Zscaler
  • How the branch office must change to leverage cloud apps
  • Information on new trends threatening today's organizations
  • How to deliver application access to branch offices with a future-proof network and security architecture
  • Steps you can take to improve your security protections and policy controls