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Deconstructing WannaCry

What we can learn from the facts

There are many theories about WannaCry and your inbox is probably full of emails explaining why you need to buy yet another security product. They’re essentially saying, “What you’ve got isn’t working, so get more of it.”

But we believe that WannaCry is a clear indication of how the world has changed. To protect our organizations against such modern threats, we need to rethink the way we connect users to their assets and to each other — without bringing them onto the network.

What makes WannaCry a game-changer? Let our security experts show you. Deepen Desai and Patrick Foxhoven will present evidence-based information about WannaCry, so you can discern the truth about this evolving threat. They’ll present details on the initial attack vector, new strains that are emerging and those we are seeing in the Zscaler cloud, and protective actions you can take now. Finally, they’ll discuss how we can more effectively protect against modern threats like WannaCry by rethinking the way we apply security and access controls.

Deepen Desai
Senior Director
Security Research & Operations
Zscaler, Inc.
Patrick Foxhoven
Chief Information Officer
VP of Emerging Technologies
Zscaler, Inc.

In this session, we will cover:

  • The use of SMB ports as the initial infection vector
  • How the malware spread laterally across the corporate network
  • Detailed payload delivery and analysis
  • New strains using common web ports
  • A new approach to segmentation that puts authentication before discovery

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