Connecting the resilient enterprise: Protecting users and applications in a perimeter-less world
September 30, 2020
Securing the new way of work: Zero Trust for the resilient enterprise
October 7, 2020
Scalability without limits: Operationalizing the resilient
October 21, 2020

Episode 1


Full Episode 1 — Connecting the resilient enterprise: Protecting users and applications in a perimeter-less world


Digital transformation in the COVID and post-COVID world

The pandemic has forced organizations to accelerate digital transformation: Enterprises that seize the opportunity to embrace a perimeter-less security model will be more agile, profitable, and competitive. In this session, Zscaler CEO Jay Chaudhry speaks with Deutsche Bank Former Group CIO Neal Pawar and DXC CIO Chris Drumgoole about how they led organizational responses to COVID, and how they are preparing for a post-COVID future.Read more...


Cybersecurity and data protection when users and data are everywhere

In the resilient enterprise, users connect to any resource, from any place, on any device. But unfortunately, legacy systems fail to secure this new way of work, and threat actors take advantage. Zscaler President & CTO Amit Sinha outlines best practices for countering threat activity (including sandboxing, real-time behavioral analysis, SSL inspection, and cloud-effect impacts) and protecting data (including DLP, CASB, CSPM, and cloud browser isolation).


Redefining network and security for a digital enterprise

Network transformation drives security transformation, a transition best documented by the CxOs who lead it. In this session, Zscaler senior director transformation strategy Pam Kubiatoswki solicits first-person accounts of secure cloud transformation journeys from Freddie Mac CIO Frank Nazzaro, P & G CTO Jennes Zhang, and United Airlines CISO Deneen DeFiore.

Episode 2


Full Episode 2 — Securing the new way of work: Zero Trust for the resilient enterprise


Remote work is now the new norm: Tackling secure digital transformation in this new paradigm.

Navigating a crisis requires leadership, innovation, agility, and a willingness to change. NOV CIO Alex Phillips and Takeda Pharmaceutical Company CISO Mike Towers share their outlook and best practices in navigating secure digital transformation in their enterprises as we adjust to this new norm in a session moderated by Zscaler CEO Jay Chaudhry.Read more...


Securing application access across multiple clouds: The Zero-Attack-Surface model

Key to securing app access in a multi-cloud environment? Dissociating enterprise application access from network access. Zscaler CIO and EVP of emerging technologies Patrick Foxhoven introduce zero trust network access (ZTNA) fundamentals, and show how ZTNA establishes a zero-attack-surface posture.


Leveraging SASE for security and network transformation

SASE offers CxOs an architectural path to the resilient enterprise. Progressive CxOs are leveraging zero-trust approaches to transform networks and security for the new (cloud-first, work-from-anywhere, device-agnostic) way of work. In this session, Zscaler chief strategy officer Manoj Apte talks SASE and ZTNA with VF Corporation CISO Ken Athanasiou, Siemens Former CIO Helmuth Ludwig, and Cushman & Wakefield CTO Rob Franch.

Episode 3


Full Episode 3 — Scalability without limits: Operationalizing the resilient enterprise


Future-proof agility: How to retire technical debt to gain competitive advantage

Enterprise attachment to entrenched legacy systems -- in particular, outdated castle-and-moat, perimeter-based security stacks -- hampers progress. IT must generate new revenue streams, secure the new way of work, and overcome technical debt. Zscaler CEO Jay Chaudhry talks agility, resilience, and innovation with Mars CISO Andrew Stanley.Read more...


The Five Tenets of Zero Trust



Digital transformation as a team sport—Collaborative best practices for transforming apps, infrastructure, and security

The enterprises that successfully pivot in a crisis are the ones that can best collaborate. But how do they pull it off? Best practices for collaborating on digital transformation include starting small, building on success, aligning to strategy, and recognizing how CxO roles will change. In this session, Zscaler President and CTO Amit Sinha talks IT teamwork with GE Former CTO Larry Biagini, Carrier CISO Nicole Darden Ford, and Royal Caribbean Group VP John Maya.

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