The new CXO agenda: measure the threat, fortify cybersecurity, reduce risk
Reenvisioning technical architectures in a changing threat landscape
The modern CISO: Cybersecurity strategies for the new threat landscape

Episode 1


The new corporate governance mission: Secure the enterprise

The enterprise threat landscape is transforming at lightning speed, as threat actors grow more sophisticated in technique, more professional in operation, and more destructive in intent. Executive oversight is made all the more complex with agile business-delivery models, remote workforces, and a perceived gap in employee security awareness and training. Join Zscaler Chairman & CEO Jay Chaudhry for an engaging discussion with Sand Hill East CEO Andy Brown and Vish Narendra SVP & CIO Graphic Packaging International on how executive leaders must address vulnerabilities, minimize risk, and establish an impenetrable corporate posture.Read more...


Zscaler ThreatLabZ: Assessment strategies to mitigate emerging enterprise threats

In this session, Zscaler CISO & VP Security Research Deepen Desai shares the latest trends, research, and data from the Zscaler ThreatLabZ cybersecurity research team. He will present best practices for enterprise security and risk assessment.Read more...

Episode 2


How a Zero Trust Architecture minimizes enterprise attack surface

Join Koch Business Solutions Chief Information Officer Jarrod Benson, Manpower VP of Global Infrastructure and Operations Abdul Khan and Zscaler Sr. Director, Transformation Strategy Pam Kubiatowski as they discuss how zero trust practices use identity-based security and context-aware visibility to overcome legacy security architecture limitations so that growing multi-cloud environments and work-from-anywhere practices don't expand enterprise attack surfaces.Read more...


Enabling any-to-any connectivity: Reducing the attack surface with Zero Trust and microsegmentation

In this session, Zscaler's VP, Secure Workload Communication Peter Smith will highlight zero trust strategies for securing intra-network communication between cloud-apps, OT, IoT, and other enterprise infrastructures by replacing traditional network segmentation with workload microsegmentation.Read more...

Episode 3


Stories from the trenches: Best practices for securing platforms, workloads, and connectivity

As the recent SolarWinds supply-chain attacks have illustrated, the threat landscape is constantly evolving, with new adversaries, new malware variants, and new tactics appearing every day. In this Voice of the CISO panel, Zscaler CISO Americas Brad Moldenhauer talks with VF Corporation VP, Chief Information Security Officer Ken Athanasiou and NTT Data Services CISO Steve Williams. They'll share their real-world best practices on keeping their employees and their organization's vital assets safe.Read more...


Blocking "the unknown threat": Practical AI/ML for enterprise cybersecurity

Join Zscaler VP of Machine Learning and AI Howie Xu as he shares how AI/ML is complementing the traditional approach to discovering the "unknown threat" in real-time. In particular, he will showcase practical approaches with malware, malicious url/web pages, botnet, and phishing detection using AI/ML.Read more...

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