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Cloud vs. On-Premises Security:
Can you afford not to switch?

As the cloud transforms enterprise IT, it brings a lot more savings than cold hard cash. No question, reducing infrastructure costs is the #1 attraction to cloud. But there are two other cost dimensions with huge impact on security that must not be ignored. The payoffs depend on whether you approach security with a cloud vs. on-premises model. An organization’s choices are crucial – both for enterprise security and for the roles of its stakeholders.

Jason Georgi
Director of the Transformation Office
Zscaler, Inc.
Jennifer Toscano
Sr. Product Marketing Manager
Zscaler Inc.

Jason Georgi, security veteran and Director of the Transformation Office at Zscaler, will host a 30-minute webinar where he compares three cloud vs. on-premises cost considerations:

  • Costs of the security infrastructure
  • Monitoring, patching and maintaining the infrastructure
  • Addressing the security skills shortage

By understanding these dimensions, you can establish your organization’s current state and determine whether to maintain status quo or consider a new approach to security – that optimizes IT spend and more effectively addresses current and emerging threats.

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