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Breakout with SD-WAN without Compromising Security

As applications move to the cloud and more traffic is destined for the Internet, companies are turning to SD-WAN to route traffic locally over the Internet. SD-WAN makes it easy to establish local Internet breakouts, but they need to be secured. Cloud-delivered security is the most efficient and cost effective solution to address this challenge for today’s highly distributed enterprises.

Dhawal Sharma
Director Product Management
Zscaler, Inc.
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Join this webinar with Dhawal Sharma, Director Product Management at Zscaler, where he will discuss how you can combine the agility of SD-WAN with the Zscaler Cloud Security Platform to create fast and secure local Internet breakouts. By participating in this webinar, you will learn:

  • Why people consider SD-WAN
  • How local Internet breakouts maximize the benefits of SD-WAN
  • What security implications are associated with local-Internet breakouts
  • Why cloud-delivered security is the most efficient and effective way to secure SD-WAN and local Internet breakouts

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